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Resolution of the Bucks County Human Relations Council

    Be it resolved that the Bucks County Human Relations Council encourages patience, tolerance, and acceptance of our fellow citizens. In this uncertain time when our world is in a state of distress we need to reach out to each other with open arms of healing.


    Bucks County, Pennsylvania was founded in 1682 as a safe haven of religious tolerance, with an appreciation for the diverse heritages of its settlers. Now, over three hundred years later, Bucks County’s residents continue to celebrate the contributions that each of our racial, ethnic, and religious groups brings to enrich our community and our lives in Bucks County.


    We must recognize and remember that there is strength in our diversity. We are enriched by our ability to respect and honor our differences. Standing together, we are like the many varieties of flowers in a healthy garden, each contributing to its overall color, vitality and beauty.


    The Bucks County Human Relations Council provides support and assistance on both the issues of promoting appreciation for the value of diversity and for addressing discrimination. We welcome your thoughts and/or your request for assistance.

Contact us at 215 340-8220 if you experience prejudice, bias, or discrimination in Bucks County

Promoting Diversity and Addressing Discrimination in Bucks County

Bucks County Human Relations Council

PO Box 235   Richboro, PA  18954 

215 340-8220